What Is an Industrial Ball Valve?

An industrial Ball Valve is a type of ball valve that is used to regulate the flow of fluids. It consists of a sphere that has a hole in the center called the bore. This hole acts as a flow opening when the cross section of the fluid flow path and the bore are coplanar. Otherwise, flow will be throttled. There are two basic types of ball valves: solid and hollow. The solid type has a constant opening diameter throughout the valve's structure, while the hollow type has a hollow interior. The former is better for controlling flow, while the latter allows for greater flow capacity. However, it is important to note that a solid valve will create turbulence if the fluid passes through it at high velocities.
The ball valve is a reliable and durable type of valve. It closes securely even after prolonged use and makes it a popular choice for shut-off applications. They are also versatile and have a variety of applications, including water and gas. They are commonly manufactured in carbon steel, stainless steel, and PVC. In addition, they are typically maintenance-free and have a variety of configurations to meet the needs of the user.
Pipeline ball valves are subject to a drift test after manufacturing and assembly. A tool consisting of three circular plastic plates is used to measure the internal diameter of the valve. Once this has been completed, the industrial ball valve is ready for service. The drift test is an important part of valve performance and it ensures that the industrial ball valve performs as it should.
A trunnion-mounted ball valve is easier to use than the floating type. Its ball is supported by a trunnion, which restricts its lateral movement and reduces operating torque. The trunnion-mounted ball valve can handle high pressures and large flow rates.
Ball valves are used in air, gas, and liquid systems. They are especially good for regulating the flow of gases and vapors. They are also useful for connecting instruments. Often, they are used on fire trucks and fire-extinguishing systems. Moreover, they can be used to control two valves at the same time.
The ball valve is also known as a quarter-turn valve. It can be operated manually or through an actuator. Manually turned ball valves are operated by turning a lever or wrench. The lever arm rotates 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise to open and close the valve. If the lever arm is parallel with the pipe, it means that the valve is open.

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