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Taizhou Xunzhi Metal Products Co., Ltd is professional China brass Solder & threaded fittings and wholesale Solder & threaded fittings factory. The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of fluid control. we strictly follow the international standard ISO9001:2008 to establish a quality management system. Valve products have obtained CE certification, and some products assist customers in passing CSA, UL, FM and other international certifications. Quality Standard: CE/ISO9001:2008/CSA/UL/FM. We have formed stable and mutually beneficial trading partners with many high-quality customers around the world, and have formed significant industry competitive advantages in R&D, testing, and quality management. Sourcing and bulk order, factory also custom Solder & threaded fittings.

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Feb 02,2023

Choosing a Fire Hose Fitting

The main purpose of a fire hose fitting is to ma...

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Jan 28,2023

How to Install and Maintain a Y Strainer Check Valve

Y-strainers are a type of valve that is commonly...

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Jan 17,2023

a fire hydrant wrench is used to access the water valves inside a fire hydrant

During firefighting, a fire hydrant wrench is us...

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