Why Choose Xunzhi Metal Products?

Xunzhi Metal Products has been active as a customised Brass valves & fittings manufacturer for more than 20 years. We supply (international) wholesale businesses with flexibles products which are widely used in water supply, drainage, HVAC and gas supply systems in buildings.

Choosing the specialized business of Xunzhi Metal Products means choosing a quick delivery, expertise and top quality with a warranty of 2 yearsXunzhi Metal Products is the perfect partner and keeps on innovating where necessary!

It is our mission to be the manufacturer of choice by providing customers exceptional value:

• High quality flexible hose

• Competitive pricing

• On-time delivery

• Superior and personalized customer service



Quality Management System

Xunzhi Metal Products is dedicated to providing superior quality in all that we do, from manufacturing high quality products to providing unsurpassed customer service to its distributors and end-users. Its Quality Management System, which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, is Xunzhi Metal’s commitment to each customer and end-user that quality and customer satisfaction come first.



Customer Service

From last minute shipments and special requests to end-user support and custom orders, Doflex sanitary hoseis committed to customer service, satisfaction and success. Doflex sanitary hose handles each customer’s needs with a sense of urgency, consideration and professionalism. Xunzhi Metal customer service professionals are available to answer questions and provide any assistance you may require.

Our production capacity is up to 300,000 pieces per month, but we can manage even more depending on demand.



Commitment to Distributors

Xunzhi Metal Products views distributors as partners and remains committed to the traditional manufacturer-distributor relationship – a unique approach that allows Xunzhi Metal to form lasting relationships with distributors, a relationship that goes beyond just the product.

Xunzhi Metal has developed a set of technical tools to assist end-users and distributors in the selection and use of flexible hose products.



2 Years Warranty

Thanks to our completely integrated company, our modern production facilities and frequent quality inspections Xunzhi Metal Products is able to offer products with a high quality and 5 years of warranty.



Product Assortiment

Xunzhi metal provides a wide range of highly durable products.Xunzhi metal hose products outlast competitive hoses, saving time and money in replacement costs and down time. We are constantly improving and developing our products in accordance with technologies and standards.



Product range expansion

We are able to to develop and expand our product range according to the needs and requirements of our clients as we are manufactoring company and have all the required technology and equipment.



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