A fire hydrant wrench is a tool used to loosen and tighten fire hydrants

Fire Hydrant Wrench
A fire hydrant wrench is a tool used to loosen and tighten fire hydrants. The head of the wrench is usually made of conventional steel and the teeth are relatively hard. It is preferably made from corrosion-resistant steel, and there are various known methods for making a handle. A preferred embodiment overcomes the disadvantages of prior art wrenches by providing a chatter thread arrangement to facilitate quick use. It also has gripping teeth to prevent the wrench from dropping from the hydrant.
It is available through a network of distributors
Fire departments can purchase Fire Hydrant Wrench to ensure they have the proper tools to operate fire hydrants. This tool has three hooks that are custom designed to help the user secure the tool in place when operating fire hydrants. This tool is available in a variety of sizes and shapes, including crowfoot, adjustable, electrical, pneumatic impact, pipe, and socket. There are non-slip and zinc plated versions for use in various industries, including mining, bulk haulage, and construction.
It reduces firefighter injuries
A new fire hydrant wrench is designed to reduce firefighter injuries caused by opening hydrants. Designed to reduce the likelihood of the wrench slipping off a fitting, the EZ Spanner(tm) has a ratcheting feature and a more ergonomic design. The tool also has three custom-designed hooks that reduce the risk of slipping.
It is corrosion-resistant
A Fire Hydrant Wrench is a durable, long-handled tool that is designed to turn the toughest nuts. These wrenches are made with ductile iron and have replaceable brass inserts. They are crafted with precision for maximum durability and versatility.
It is reversible
The Fire Hydrant Wrench is re-versible, allowing it to be used to either turn or tighten a hydrant fixture. It features a heavy-duty construction and a handle that is bright yellow. This feature makes it easy to find and use. It also comes with a one-year warranty for defects in materials or workmanship.  It now sells its products nationwide and internationally.
It is easy to use
A Fire Hydrant Wrench is a versatile tool that makes installing and repairing hydrants quick and easy. This 10-1/2" adjustable wrench accommodates square and pentagon head sizes, and has a single hook spanner head to fit 3/4" through six-inch pin and rock lug fittings. The wrench is designed to be durable, and is lightweight and easy to carry.

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