The 2020 year-end summary meeting and the end tooth annual meeting were successfully held

    "Golden Rats celebrate the spring and leave the old year, build dreams and start a new chapter", the 2020 year-end summary meeting and the end of the tooth annual meeting were held on December 31, 2020.
    The first meeting on the afternoon of the day was the 2020 year-end summary meeting. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Li Sicheng, the executive deputy general manager, and attended by Mr. Chen Xuelin, the chairman of the company, Mr. Xie Yuanjun, the general manager, and all the company's management personnel.
    The meeting was firstly reported by the managers of each department, mainly focusing on the work of the department to summarize the year 2020 and plan the key tasks for 2021. Next, the executive deputy general manager Li gave a work report with the theme of "innovation and change, tapping potential and increasing efficiency", and proposed directions and requirements for the work of each department from the major aspects of "production, supply, research, and people". To lay the foundation for achieving the company's related goals in 2021.
    2020 is a very extraordinary year for the industry and the company, but this year the company still achieved certain results with the joint efforts of all the staff of the company. At the meeting, Mr. Xie Yuanjun, the general manager of the company, firstly reviewed the company’s goals for 2020. And made a very detailed summary of the work of each department, which affirmed the achievements and pointed out the shortcomings in the work. Finally, Mr. Xie made a report on the company's 2021 strategic plan and target plan, and put forward specific requirements for the work of each department.
    "Set sail for a new journey, set sail again." At the end of the meeting, Mr. Chen Xuelin, the chairman of the meeting, delivered an important speech, affirming the company's achievements in the past year, and sharing with everyone the plan and outlook for the future, making everyone more determined The great dream of "becoming a company respected by society and happy for employees" has made all staff more confident in the company's future.

    In the evening, Xunzhi Company's 2020 commendation meeting and final banquet were held in the company's general assembly workshop. All employees of the company and specially invited guests attended the ceremony. The chairman and general manager respectively delivered enthusiastic speeches. The meeting also commended the outstanding employees of 2020. The dinner was interspersed with lucky draws while the employees were enjoying the food. With the passionate singing of individual employees, the atmosphere was very warm and everyone spent a happy and exciting New Year's Eve.

    The extraordinary year of 2020 has passed, and 2021, full of challenges and opportunities, has arrived. In the new year, each of us at Xunzhi is full of confidence, fulfilling his duties, and striving to achieve company and personal goals. I also believe that our company, under the leadership of the chairman, will be able to successfully complete the company's goals and realize our Xunzhi dream.

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