Du Niansheng Went Deep Into The Enterprise To Carry Out "three Services" And Inspected "a Good Start"

On the afternoon of March 1, Du Niansheng, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor, went to the grassroots level to carry out "three services" and inspectors "good start" activities, listened to the needs and suggestions of enterprises, helped solve practical problems faced by enterprise development, and strived to promote the economy in the first quarter. Achieving a "good start".

Du Niansheng and his entourage first came to Purification Holding Group Co., Ltd. to communicate and discuss with the person in charge of the company to understand the current situation of production and operation, future development ideas and demand of the company. Purification Holding Group is a group-based and professional national high-tech enterprise in environmental protection water treatment. It is expected that the output value in the first quarter will increase by 27% year-on-year.
Du Niansheng pointed out that industry is Yuhuan's biggest advantage, and entrepreneurs are Yuhuan's biggest resource. Enterprises should strengthen their confidence in development, pay more attention to team training, scientific research investment and cultural construction, speed up the pace of listing, and constantly improve technology, service and brand strength, and build a national first-class smart water benchmark.

Taizhou Xunzhi Metal Products Co., Ltd. and Taizhou Fulida Valve Co., Ltd. are both enterprises specializing in the manufacture of valve series products. Since the beginning of this year, the two companies, "Xunzhi Metal Products" and "Fulida Valves", have enjoyed a gratifying sales situation. They have now been fully engaged in production and orders. The output value in the first quarter is expected to increase by 64% and 100% year-on-year, respectively.

Du Niansheng walked into the company's production workshop and the site of the low-efficiency land renovation project to learn more about the company's technology research and development, market expansion, resumption of work and production, and the advancement of renovation projects. He encouraged enterprises to seize opportunities, continue to increase innovation efforts, and actively seize a larger market; pay attention to the training of successors, and pass on the baton of the enterprise. At the same time, he asked relevant departments and units to adhere to the "eyes inward", speed up the "five modernizations and one upgrading" transformation of old industrial parks, further revitalize low-efficiency land, and force "low-scale and small-scale" enterprises to transform and upgrade, making room for high-quality industries. More room for development to promote high-quality development of the industrial economy.

"What is the development situation of the company, and what problems do we need to help solve?" In the product exhibition hall of Zhejiang Bomin Electromechanical Co., Ltd., Du Niansheng learned about the company's product development, market sales, service management, etc., and listened to the company face to face. needs and recommendations.
He encouraged enterprises to continue to intensify product and service innovation, further extend upstream and downstream industrial chains, and continuously enhance their core competitiveness. Better to be bigger.
Author: Huang Yong Zhang Zepeng Photographer: Chen Lingen

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