Advantages Of Using Brass Fittings

What are Brass Fittings used for? Brass is among the strongest, most commonly utilized materials for constructing pipe fittings. The copper and zinc-plated alloy was used for many years because of its special properties which make it an ideal choice for various industrial uses. Today, brass tubing and fittings are still favored for a number of applications.
There are several varieties of brass fittings available for different pipe and equipment needs ranging from small radiators to large industrial fans. One can use these fittings in a wide range of temperature to produce varying levels of heat. A brass fitting can be a useful tool in producing air currents and heat in any environment.
Brass pipe fittings are sold as fully finished units or as "as-is" units that need a little customization. A brass fitting with a finished surface can also be a handy tool, since they can be used as radiators and as fittings for heating systems. If one opts to purchase a brass fitting at the store, one should check the surface to be sure that the unit is free of scratches and abrasions. Other things to consider when purchasing a brass fitting include its weight, bore size, thread type, flow rating, diameter, mounting position and installation method.
In order to achieve the performance from brass fittings, one must maintain them in high temperatures. This is important especially if a high temperature is expected while working with the fitting. The high temperature allows brass to develop a black finish, a process called buffing. Some brass fittings may have a chrome or nickel plating to improve durability and prevent corrosion when exposed to high temperatures.
As compared to other metals, brass fittings are a very durable and reliable material. They are also highly flexible that makes them easy to shape according to the needs of the plumbing installation. Since brass is ductile and malleable, it can be molded into small or large diameters depending on the application.
One of the main reasons why brass fittings are used extensively in plumbing is their durability and resistance. These factors make brass fittings a popular choice not only in plumbing but also in industry. A brass fitting's ability to withstand stress and impact makes them a good choice not just for plumbing but for other industries where durability is a big factor. Aside from being a strong and durable metal, brass is also an alloy so it is capable of being molded into different alloys that have different resistance against specific substances.

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